Employ N-Able

Non Visible Disabilities Support Project

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Do you live with a Non-Visible Disability?

Need extra support?

Are you looking for work?

We can help! 

This Programme is funded through the European Social Fund Community Grants

DCFA-Impact Training is proud to be delivering our Employ-N-Able Non Visible Disabilities Support Project funded by The European Social Fund Community Grants to help members of the local community overcome barriers and move closer to employment.

Living with an invisible illness or disability can feel very isolating. As your condition cannot be seen, it is hard for others to know about the challenges you live with. This means that they will not know to take into account any impacts your condition has, such as fatigue, chronic joint pain or anxiety.

Unfortunately, you may face many other misconceptions, especially when it comes to earning a living. Lots of people believe that either you’re healthy and do ‘normal’ things, or you’re unwell and unable to do these activities.

By providing support to those living with non visible disabilities, this project seeks to address some of the barriers faced whilst providing employability skills, enabling them to move forward in their careers.

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Join up and learn about:

Managing your condition
Finding extra support when needed
Finding suitable work or training
CV Writing, Applications and Interview Skills
Confidence Building and Motivation 

Call our team on 01384 868085 or 07936 726205 for more details

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