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“Self Respect, Self Worth & Self Love, All Start with Self. Stop Looking Outside of Yourself for Your Value”.

- Rob Liano

5 Key Concepts of Self Awareness

Self-concepts are our perceptions of ourselves. Our perceptions of ourselves are developed through our personal experiences, the expectations we have for our futures and what we believe we can achieve. It is said that with a healthy self-concept we are more likely to take on challenges, achieve our goals and live positively.

Our thoughts, feeling and behaviour are all interlinked. Therefore when we attempt to understand our feeling we must first understand our thoughts and thought processes. This is thinking about how we talk about ourselves and situations as they happen throughout the day.

Once we start to take notice of our thought, we can then address how they make us feel. Emotions are important to us because they are able to cause reactions. The issue is, is that when our emotions create a reaction that goes against the person we believe we are we can get caught in a negative cycle that as a result decreases out self awareness.

So our behaviour links to our physical responses which are triggered by our thoughts and feeling regarding different situations. With that said when we become self aware we can notice our physical responses such as an increased heart rate, red cheeks and jaw clenching for example. With our ability to notice these physical responses we can do things to stop ourselves such as removing ourselves from the situation and taking a second to think through our response.

Emotions are important for our daily interactions. Not only can ‘emotional intelligence’ enhance our personal and professional relationships, but they can also improve our relationships with ourselves. Understanding our own emotional responses to people or situations can help us to process difficult emotions and move on from them more efficiently.

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