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Multiply for Employers

Multiply is a programme that helps employees build confidence and lifelong numeracy skills, catering specifically to businesses in Dudley. By participating in Dudley’s Multiply programme, your business and workforce can experience a range of benefits:

Enhanced Workforce Quality: Improving numeracy skills among your employees leads to a higher performing workforce, resulting in improved productivity and efficiency.

Reduced Numeracy Mistakes: Encouraging staff to increase their numerical skills and abilities can significantly minimise errors related to numeracy tasks, resulting in smoother operations and improved accuracy.

Personal and Professional Confidence: Multiply not only boosts employees’ confidence with numbers in their work tasks but also empowers them in their personal lives, fostering overall growth and success.

Motivated Workforce: By offering Multiply as a training opportunity, you inspire your employees to pursue forms of workplace training, enhancing their engagement and motivation.

Internal Career Progression: With Multiply, you support your employees’ professional growth within your organisation, providing them with the necessary skills to advance and take on new challenges.

Multiply is an opportunity for employers to inform the development of bespoke innovative numeracy programmes that helps employees develop lifelong numeracy skills. All Multiply provision is fully funded and flexible to limit pressures on existing commitments.

Dudley based business.

Adults aged 19+

Individuals that have not achieved a Level 2 maths qualification, i.e., GCSE of at least a Grade C or equivalent.

Individuals who may want to develop numeracy skills for work or progression.

Individuals that want to brush up and develop their numeracy skills for everyday life and work.

If you are a Dudley based business and would like to support the development of your workforce, please contact us

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